By Great Gatsby Boat Tour (other events)

4 Dates Through Sep 12, 2021

Safe, outdoor event. 

Cruise the bay that is the setting of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic American novel.

The Great Gatsby was set on "that slender riotous island which extends itself due east of New York" otherwise known as Long Island. Join us on a two-hour boat tour of the "courtesy bay" separating the "enormous eggs" which served as Fitzgerald's setting.

Yacht clubs founded before the turn of the 20th century grace the harbor and continue Port Washington's yachting tradition. The homes of such legendary businessmen as Carl Fisher and John Hay (Jock) Whitney stand as they did in the days of the Prohibition. We'll envision where Gatsby's mansion might have stood gazing at the green light on Daisy's dock and exchange stories of the Roaring Twenties on Long Island which was a microcosm of the United State's pre-WWII revolution in manners and morals.

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Boat's capacity is 55. We are limiting to 30 to allow for social distance. Wear your mask upon arrival and when walking about the cabin. You may take it off when seated with your group outside.   

No wheelchair access as there are four steps to get onboard. if you need assistance, strappingly strong crew members can help. 

You may bring your own food and beverages on board to enjoy!